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Welcome to my Art Gallery!

I am thrilled to have you here, exploring the captivating world of art inspired by the beauty of rocks, trees, and water. 

Nature has always been a profound source of inspiration for me. The rugged strength of rocks, the serene elegance of trees, and the ever-changing allure of water have shaped the very essence of my artistic journey.

Through my artwork, I strive to capture the essence of these elements, bringing their unique energy and beauty to life on canvas. Each stroke of the brush, each delicate detail, is a testament to the profound connection I feel with my surroundings.


I aim to transport you to the very heart of nature, allowing you to experience the tranquility and awe-inspiring power that I find in nature around me. 

Feel free to reach out with any questions or inquiries; I am always delighted to connect with fellow art enthusiasts and share the inspiration behind my creations.

Debbie Reeve


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A Journey in Artistry

Debbie, a lifelong artist, has dedicated over two decades to honing her craft through self-study, workshops, and immersive art programs. She is a certified of GOLDEN Artist Educator and completed a graduate diploma in Independent Studio Practices at the Haliburton School of the Arts.

Her artistic evolution spans mediums, from watercolors, to acrylics, oil and wax and ultimately to mixed media, where she passionately explores color and texture.

Debbie's art is driven by an insatiable desire to create and discover. Her experiences living abroad and extensive travel inform her diverse subject matter, reflecting the beauty of each new location and culture she embraces.

Her recent "Rock Your World Series" delves into the symbolic concept of “Finding Home” inspired through rocks, trees, and water, and emerges as a poetic refrain, echoing through her work revealing heartfelt depths of personal and spiritual meaning. Each of her paintings weaves together history, emotion, and a sense of place, inviting viewers on a journey through her unique artistic world.

Debbie's global perspective extends to exhibitions in galleries across Indonesia, Kuwait, Canada, and France.

Artist Statement

Within the intricate tapestry of my artistic journey, the concept of "Home" emerges as an enigmatic and elusive entity, shaped by the profound experiences of living apart from my family and birthplace for the majority of my life. This deeply spiritual journey has guided me through the process of observation, adjustment, acceptance, contentment, and acculturation, ultimately leading me to a deep connection with the ever-changing dimensions of time and place. These explorations are interwoven within the very fabric of my subject matter and painting processes.

The utilization of texture, meticulously built upon layer by layer serves as a metaphorical reflection of life's journey, where we build upon the foundations of our past to forge a path towards a vibrant and unforeseen future. The initial layers of paint, though often obscured, serve as the bedrock upon which each subsequent layer is crafted, embodying the essence of growth and transformation.

Embarking upon a new artistic endeavor, I often find myself venturing into uncharted territories without a predetermined pathway to the final destination. However, within this realm of creative exploration, no brushstroke is ever wasted as each mark contributes to that awe-inspiring sense of completion, where unexpected harmonies and revelations emerge.


My current artistic focus revolves around the exploration of textures, achieved through the integration of mixed media and the incorporation of found objects. These carefully selected artifacts, symbolic of an intimate connection with my present surroundings, serve as tangible manifestations of my outward journey and inner transformation. Whether it be the sands of Kuwait, the iconic birch bark harvested from my Canadian backyard, or the ancient walls inspired by my European travels, each painting becomes an external expression of my inner metamorphosis.

Through my art, I aspire to evoke a sense of wonder, introspection and contemplation within the viewer, inviting them to see layers of past experiences converge with the boundless possibilities of the present, ultimately shaping a future of hope. This hope which I have found in the author of Creation, is the very foundation that underlies each artistic expression and permeates life itself; the created, reflecting the Creator, and inspired by creation, creates.



Art3F International Contemporary Art Exhibition, Zurich, Switzerland, 2024

Art3F International Contemporary Art Exhibition, Paris France, 2024

L'ère d'hier, Agapé Gallery, Paris, France,2023 (Duo)
Finding Home, Private Show, Kuwait, 2015
West Elm, Featured Artist, Kuwait, 2014 
Kingston Studio Tour, Canada, 2009
Gallery Hidyatt, Indonesia, 2007
Iluminating Nature, Gallery Hidyatt, Indonesia, 2005
Iluminating Nature, Bandung, Indonesia, 2003


Salon International d'Art Contemporarin, Carrousel du Louvre, France 2024

L'Avent et Le Présent 2, Paris, France, 2023

L'event et le Present, Agapé Gallery, Paris, France, 2022

Bon Echo Art Exhibition & Sale, 2016-2018

Kawartha Arts Festival, 2017, 2018

Bon Echo Art Exhibtion & Sale, Ontario, 2017, 2018

Kingston Art in the ParkArt Among the Ruins, 2017

North Frontenac Backroads Tour 2016-2018

Cloyne Studio Tour, Cloyne, Ontario, 2016

Bushari Gallery, Kuwait, 2014

Dar Al Funoon, Kuwait, 2013

Tilal Gallery, Kuwait, 2013

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