An artist at heart, Debbie has been drawing, painting, and creating since she could hold a pencil or brush.  After 20 years of self-study, workshops and intensive art programs, Debbie recently became a GOLDEN Artist Educator and completed a graduate diploma in Independent Studio Practices at the Halliburton School of the Arts. 

With extensive work in watercolour, Debbie has diversified into acrylic, encaustic and mixed media artwork in realism, abstract and non-objective styles, exploring the use of colour and texture. Her subject matter is diverse as the need to be constantly creating is what drives the artist to explore different painting challenges.

Debbie and her family have lived abroad and traveled extensively for many years and her paintings reflect delight in the endless variety of beautiful subject matter that each new experience affords. Finding home has become a theme that is reflected through each work of art as Debbie embraces each new physical location and culture.  Every painting contains a history, a story, an emotion and an expression of time and place.


Having lived the majority of my life away from my family and birth place “Home” has been an elusive word for me. My artistic journey has been a deeply spiritual process that has led me from observation, adjustment, acceptance, contentment and acculturation to time and place which is reflected through the choice of my subject matter and painting processes.​

The use of texture with many layers is an important element in my paintings, mimicking life’s experience of building on things of the past to discover a new and exciting future.  What is laid down in the first layers of paint may be obscured but become the foundation of each successive layer. I don’t always know where I am going when I start out painting but nothing is ever wasted while arriving at that contented moment of completion.  


 My current paintings focus on exploring new textures, through the use of mixed media by incorporating real stone and birch bark as in my ‘Birch Bark Series”.  Birch bark trees have become a symbol of my beloved Canadian homeland and have been my focus for the past 4 years.  This year I have been exploring colour, texture, form and design through my non-objective “Happy Series”.  I have been delighted by the outcome expressed through the joyful contentment I have found in my Canadian home.  That makes me happy.



Finding Home, Kuwait, 2015

West Elm, Featured Artist, Kuwait, 2014 

Kingston Studio Tour, Canada, 2009

Gallery Hidyatt, Indonesia, 2007

Iluminating Nature, Gallery Hidyatt, Indonesia, 2005

Iluminating Nature, Bandung, Indonesia, 2003


Bon Echo Art Exhibition & Sale 2016-2018

Kawartha Arts Festival, 2017, 2018

Bon Echo Art Exhibtion & Sale, Ontario, 2017, 2018

Kingston Art in the ParkArt Among the Ruins, 2017

North Frontenac Backroads Tour 2016-2018

Cloyne Studio Tour, Cloyne, Ontario, 2016

Bushari Gallery, Kuwait, 2014

Dar Al Funoon, Kuwait, 2013

Tilal Gallery, Kuwait, 2013


Quinn's of Tweed, Tweed, ON

Colin Edwards Memorial Art Gallery, Bon Echo Provincial Park, ON

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City Pages Kuwait, Oct. 2015


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